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Nicola Fini and Gianfranco Fini architects


Studio Fini Architettura, led by Italian architects Gianfranco Fini and his daughter Nicola Fini, is an architecture and design firm based in the Dominican Republic. The studio adheres to a philosophy that emphasizes creating spaces, environments, and structures that cater to the needs of users, employing innovative solutions that respect the surrounding landscape and the local natural environment.

Our studio has always placed significant emphasis on urban planning and the sustainable development of tourism. In 1978, Studio Fini designed the development plan for the Costa Verde Tabatinga holiday complex in Brazil, spanning over 700 acres and occupying a substantial portion of the coastal area in the city of Santos. This project marked the beginning of a series of large-scale endeavors both in Italy and abroad, including the Marina of Porto Rotondo in Sardinia (Italy), the Gouvia Marina in Corfù (Greece), the Marina of Casa de Campo (Dominican Republic), and the Marina of Puerto Bahia Samanà (Dominican Republic). The focus on resorts and marinas is further fueled by Gianfranco Fini's extensive knowledge of the sea and his passion for sailing.

One of the defining characteristics of Studio Fini is its ability to develop comprehensive solutions. This approach, known as "turnkey" solutions, ensures that clients receive continuous care, support, and guidance throughout the entire project, from the initial stages to the final execution. Every aspect, including architecture, interior design, furniture, and landscaping, is meticulously considered and tailored to meet the client's specifications.

Since 1991, Studio Fini has primarily focused on the development and implementation of tourist centers, resorts, villas, marinas, and hotels in the Dominican Republic. By contributing to the country's economic growth and promoting sustainable utilization of its natural resources, the studio actively contributes to the enhancement and preservation of this remarkable nation.


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