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Casa De Campo
Minitas Beach Club


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Puerto Bahia
Dominican Republic


The Samana Bay is the top cruising ground in the Dominican Republic. 

From here, numeorus, secluded safe harbours, intimate caves, bountiful fishing grounds, great stretches of sandy beach and other alluring destinations invite exploration and offer memorable days of pure pleasure.


Get to know what Puerto Bahia has in store for you, in the Samana Bay. 

Enjoy the tranquil vistas in the Villas de Montana. Board your boat on your private slip, directly in front of your home in the Villas de la Marina, or stroll in the sand on the Villas de la Playa. Be a guest in our functional Hotel Puerto Bahia apartments or bask in the poolside apartments with ocean views.


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Casa de Campo Marina
Dominican Republic


Casa de Campo Marina is located in the area southwest of the Dominican Republic. The entire operation is a pioneering project that introduces a new lifestyle to the country.


Inspired by the old seaside villages of the Mediterranean, but equipped with all the most modern services to guarantee a comfortable, relaxing stay, Casa de Campo Marina extends over more than 90,000 square meters. Its colorful residential architecture includes 105 units including villas and townhouse-type apartments, many with a private pier.

In the Calle Barlovento, besides the residential apartments, there are numerous shops to satisfy any need, while the Piazza Portofino, with its beautiful restaurants, pizzerias, ice cream shops and cafés, Is the center of the night life and the natural backdrop for shows and sports and cultural events.


In the Marina, every boat mooring is equipped with water, electricity and cable TV. Gasoline and diesel fuel are available at two different points that are easily distinguisable. Also, for large boats up to 250 feet, there are six points for direct refueling.

Besides the various types of shops in the square and in the interior Calle Barlovento, the Marina has a laundry, a ship chandler, a shipyard for any type of repair and a travel lift that can carry up to 250 tons.

The harbormaster’s office performs all the functions of a modern Marina. It not only furnishes daily weather bulletins and other information necessary for navigation but also manages a modern system of video-surveillance that guarantees maximum security.


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Casa de Campo Yacht Club
Dominican Republic


The Yacht Club, with its bar-lounge and terraces, is located right in the center of Casa de Campo Marina. The building was designed and furnished to create a style of architecture that appears to predate the Marina.


Like an old English club, it is covered with precious wood with a predominance of mahogany and is full of old models of boats found at auctions in London. It is decorated with a large mural depicting the arrival of the schooner, America, at the Isle of White during the famous 100 Guinea Cup. All of this creates a pleasant environment that is warm and welcoming. arantees maximum security.

The Bannister Hotel
Puerto Bahia

Located between the mountains and the Marina Puerto Bahia, The Bannister Hotel is a wonderfull retreat in the Caribbean. This stunning hotel is a member of the exclusive collection of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, focusing on good taste, high quality, tranquility, and splendor.
It features studios, one bedroom and two bedroom finely decorated suites, along with a variety of amenities and impeccable service.

Minitas Resort
Dominican Republic

Luxury Resort situated in the Dominican Republic. The resort has nine villas of 460 mq each, built around a golf patting green, and a group of seven apartments of 260 mq each. A swimming pool dominates the common area, in the middle of a park of 50.000 mq.

Tabatinga Resort



Luxury Resort developed in the area between Rio de Janeiro and Santos, in Brasil. 

The project includes an hotel, a golf course, the Club House, a small marina, private villas and a commercial center.

Marina di Portorotondo

Porto Rotondo, Sardinia, Italy


Studio Fini Architettura curated the design of the docks decorations and street furniture in Porto Rotondo Marina. The Marina is famous for refined elegance of every smallest detail of its landscaping.



Sporting Piazzetta Paguro

Porto Rotondo, Sardinia, Italy


Project for the small "piazzetta" in Porto Rotondo, the famous marina in the sunny Costa Smeralda, Sardinia. The Piazzetta, surrounded by mini-apartments, is directly connected to the famous Sporting Hotel and has many shops, restaurants and a night club.

Porto Rotondo Theatre

Porto Rotondo, Sardinia, Italy


The project has been developed in collaboration with the Italian sculptor Mario Ceroli.

The theatre is situated in Porto Rotondo, Sardinia, and can host up to 800 people. The scene is in marble and precious woods and with many "sirlian" windows that open on a beautiful green and wild landscape.



Studio Fini Architettura

Calle Porfirio Herrera # 4 Ensanche Piantini, Santo Domingo


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The Bannister Hotel